Thursday 28th September

Good evening!

We finally got to put our waterproofs to the test! Yesterday afternoon the weather turned and the rain set in. It rained and it rained but we all persevered with every activity as planned. By dinner time last night we were all completely soaked through and were starting to feel cold and tired. Luckily the evening activity- Giant Hotspots (Twister for over 50 children!) brought everyone’s spirits up and the children were soon as lively and noisy as ever, and had a great game. However, once settled in the dorms, everyone had another good sleep and the teachers were undisturbed!

This morning we woke to  bright sunshine and clear skies, perfect for more activities in the woods. Groups took turns to climb Jacob’s Ladder, do Eco Trail, go caving, play Lazer Tag, do Problem Solving and Fencing. Everyone had a great day and all the teachers have commented on how well their groups have improved their communication skills and how good they are now at working together and helping each other out. The children have all been so supportive of each other, it has been lovely to work with them.

Mrs Morris came to visit us this afternoon and was met by a muddy group hug from all the children. It was lovely to see her and tell her everything we have been up to!

After our Murder Mystery Trial this evening, our Kingswood group leader, Dec, commented tonight on what a fantastic school we are and how wonderful the children are: really keen and enthusiastic and ready to get fully involved in all the activities. We are very proud of them all!

Only two activities remain now: Orienteering and Climbing in the morning. We can’t believe how quickly the week has gone.

It has been a fantastic week and we have all had a great time, but we are also all looking forward to seeing our families tomorrow…

Good night, see you soon!

Wednesday 27th September

Good morning!

We are on late breakfasts so the children had a ‘lie-in’ until 7am- some of them anyway. They were so tired last night, they were  asleep before 10:30 pm and there was no-one up in the night!!!  A great night’s sleep has set us up, refreshed,  for the exciting day ahead.

Activities today include: High all Aboard;  Jungle Vines; Frisbee Golf; Bouldering; Lazer Zone; Problem Solving and the giant…3G Swing!

It should be a great day…

Tuesday 26th September

We have not stopped!! We arrived in good time yesterday afternoon and, after a quick tour of the site, the children were immediately put to work, making up their beds. Almost all managed, with a little help from their friends!

It was then straight into the activities, two groups on Nightline and two on the new Buggy Build. Wales has clearly been pretty rainy this month, judging by the mud in the woods- one of the muddiest Nightlines we’ve had, I think.! After dinner, we all got together for the campfire.   All wrapped up, it was exciting to walk through the woods in the dark! We sang songs, told jokes and riddles, and ate toasted marshmallows. A very loud and fun start to the week!

So far we have been very lucky with the weather; we almost saw a glimmer of sun through the trees in Bushcraft shelter building this morning! We have also been to the very top of the site for Abseiling and most groups have done Archery and Low Ropes. They are all working so well together and are making new friends in their groups.

We have Scrapheap challenge  to look forward to tonight and- hopefully- another settled night!!

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